Cottage dates

Cottage dates

This is the provisional list of when the cottage is taken. Any other times are free. If you want to make a definite or just a provisional booking please email Tim at and we'll add your dates to this list.

Rates are £20 per night plus electricity at 20p per unit and a contribution to firewood or smokeless fuel if used.

Normally switchover time is 2pm, but we can put you in contact with the person who is arriving when you leave or is leaving when you arrive, so that you can arrange a mutually convenient time.

Minimum booking: 5 nights.

Visits forthcoming in 2019

These are the days of arrival and departure, so it would be possible to arrive on the last day of someone else's stay:

If there is no availability for the dates you require or if you have a large party and want overflow accommodation, you might like to consider staying nearby at Mulberry Cottage (pictured here), about 5 miles away in the village of New Radnor. This is owned by friends in London, and is very roomy, with a huge garden, an open fire, modern facilities and comfortably sleeps five; minimum period one week. Contact Jerry and Jane at 020 8653 1448. New Radnor is an easy, pleasant walk from Givron, and has a bus service to Hereford and Llandrindod, as well as a pub.

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